In this course you will be led through some basic yoga poses, a preparation for the body to eventually sit more comfortably in order to begin a daily mindfulness practice. You’ll experience what it feels like to begin to pay attention to things, especially your breath. You will journal during the week on how you are feeling/managing a daily mindfulness practice, what you observed, and any questions/reflections that appear. You will learn to stay present and develop concentration skills: collectively we will be starting at five minutes daily increasing to 15-20 minutes daily in this 8 week course.

Mindfulness App: Insight Timer (Free)

Meditation not Medication. Self Care is the new Health Care.



Beginner Mindfulness Course

6 weeks online course

Comes with E-Book & is Mandatory for ALL trainees interested in yoga teacher trainings to take this preliminary course

Setting up a sacred space

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Pranayama & Our Lungs
Learning to Breathe
Discipline is key to creating a regular mindfulness practice
The Art of Listening